Friday, 25 August 2017

Internet Security Tips - Home Users

The Internet is without a doubt a revolutionary invention which changed the world in many ways. In its starting days, it was all about connecting a group of PCs but now this invention connects the whole world together. Anyone can use the internet today because its everywhere and it is beneficial for many purposes. Smartphones, PC's, Mac and other devices have internet connection with applications which can help regarding audio or video calling, sending files and doing lots of other things. This is pretty nice thing but there are some disadvantages which can be seen if precautions aren’t considered. The use of the internet is divided into three categories and each one is defined according to users. The general surfing web is for everyone and this is used for simple purposes. The deep web is for government websites and this is not accessible for everyone. The last type is the dark web which is all about illegal stuff and these are used by smugglers, hackers and dangerous people.

Things To Consider While Surfing On The Internet

There are a few things which a person needs to consider on order to browse safely while online. We will provide some helpful tips which can prove beneficial for PC, Smartphone or Mac users. If you are browsing on a social media website and someone asks about your passwords or any personal information, don’t tell them about it, even if the person is trusted and you know about him/her. Always think twice before sharing passwords and email addresses with anyone. Don’t provide any of your personal information in comments or posts as they can be misused.  Creating a password is a little bit hard because it must be unique and that’s the reason that most people use single passwords for all electronic websites. The disadvantage of doing this is that if someone knows about your one password then he/she is able to access every account you may have. In this condition, that person can change recovery addresses and then this account won’t be restored regardless. For Internet security and malware removal tips check out our website.

Precaution While Downloading Files 

There are lots of websites which help in downloading songs, videos and many other types of files, but are they safe? Most websites that provide free content always have malware and viruses attached to them. Consider trusted websites to visit and if downloading any application then make sure you have an antivirus software installed so that it can detect and delete threats before the file starts causing trouble. For example, Microsoft windows has its own platform to download required applications and updates. This is safe and consumes very little time than any other method.

Console Gaming Against PC Gaming

Video games are the best thing to have happend to a lot of people and has continued to be popular for a long time. Gaming consoles and PC's are the two devices used by most gamers to play high-end graphic video games. Still, there is a burning question among gamers about which one is the best, even though both of these platforms are able to play games with ease. PCs are often called as the best when being compared to consoles. Every console has its own online platform to download games but these are also available in the market for computer users. On the other hand, PCs have many platforms to play certain games and some websites offer games for free (cracked) which can be downloaded with high speed tools such as IDM . These cracked version games are basically the same as paid versions and it saves a good amount of money. Those who are looking to buy one of these devices but are confused about which one is right can consider the following benefits of both devices.

Control Over Hardware

Control over hardware is the first thing on our list because this is such an issue that your gaming console can’t be upgraded with time. Those who have gaming consoles must enjoy the specs they have on offer but when the latest versions are launched then very few games are launched for the previous versions. This is the daunting task for gamers but using a PC is beneficial because a person can upgrade some of the parts to meet the requirements of the latest games. This is easy and fun to  do but not with consoles because they can’t be upgraded with new parts. This is the main drawback of consoles and basically, this makes them less beneficial. In term of graphics, PCs are always in the lead because these can be upgraded whenever a person wants to do.


A gaming console is definitely powerful enough to play HD graphic games but there are some limits. If console developers try to exceed the limits then the price will be too high and there are very few chances that people will purchase it. On the flip side, PCs are cheap and these can be upgraded with ease. Its possible that future games will be more dedicated to PC's because of enhanced performances they offer. Game consoles have limits like they have their own platform but PCs have many platforms including some tools which can help in playing Smartphone games on computer. Definitely, computers are leading in all areas of gaming.


There are few manufacturers and each one is selling games on their own platform but if someone wants to play a cracked version then this isn’t possible on consoles. The older version of each console has cracks but not newer versions. Comparing to this, a computer is able to download cracked versions which users can enjoy. Most gamers will admit that PCs can provide better graphics and playing using keyboard/mouse feels much better. If you are thinking to buy a gaming system then consider a computer as it will always offer better performance.